Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Long time ; no words. Absence does not always make the heart grow fonder, but sometimes chooses to encourage forgetfulness. With this in mind, and fearing my words would be forgotten, I felt panic rising, and I found it increasingly difficult to make sense of the words crashing around inside my poor muddled, but vacant head.

This year kicked off with me having a move around of furniture, in a bid for space for me, the little man, and our family. Every now and then I can feel the walls closing in on me, so periodically I have a clear out. I swear I  can breathe a little better as soon as the last bag heads off to the charity shop.
What better way to start the new year feeling revived, and with a lung full of clear air and space to move?

As the house got cleared, and order was restored, so too was my thinking about what to write.

So what do I hope for in 2014? Well, for me, I'm continuing with space, and I plan to maintain it. I really believe your home is a reflection of your mind. A cluttered jumble seems to result in cluttered jumbled thinking. No thanks to that! Space to think. Space to live. Space to breathe. And this results in a space to enjoy. And as I'm home ALOT it has to be that I'm happy to be in it, and to raise my boy in it, and for my family to spend time in it. It has to be the heart.

So, tis the time of resolutions. For me, it tends to be more successful, if I take something up. Something I want to do, or something I realise I am missing, and plan to reintroduce. So, I plan to listen to more music, to read more, to get out more, to enjoy being in more, to laugh more, to notice more and to just be more.

The key to successful resolutions, successful anything, is to be realistic. Which brings me to my nemesis/redeemer MS. This also requires you to be realistic. I have made it my business to find out about the drugs, about the trials, about the disease. Only with knowledge, can you be realistic. So that said, here's to knowledge, here's to being realistic, and here's to 2014.

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