Thursday, January 9, 2014

In my last post I mentioned that MS was my nemesis/redeemer, because along with the horrific crap, there have been many good things that I've gained/learnt because of it. That said there are a few people, amongst the many, I'd like to say thank you to for their metaphorical leg ups. I am blessed to know many people that are forthcoming with help and friendship, and I'm grateful to them all. But right now, these two get the first two virtual hugs.

My first shout out is to a lovely lady who helped me with all things blog related, and her assistance was much needed, especially in the early days. Computers and I are not the best of friends, so tears and frustration were regular features, as were cries for help from this lovely 'if she doesn't know it, it's not worth knowing' lady.

Her blog is exquisite and mainly focusses on the delight of what we put on our table, with her writing oozing with personality, and experiences, charm and it entices you to read more. Click on the link below the photo to read her blog, the photo was sourced from one of her blogposts.

Also, a local lady, and her family, are also putting on a pub quiz event. All funds raised from this, will be going to me. This lady has a nothing but kind nature, a trait that is often devalued in today's society, she makes me laugh, and her hard working, charismatic personality rubs off on you and makes you feel warm inside. You would want her on your side, in a pub quiz, or just in life.

Without doubt, MS is hard to live with. But what makes it easier to live with, is the people around you, and the leg ups they readily give you. And for that I say THANK YOU!!

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