Monday, September 8, 2014

I can't believe what I am about to write…….

On Saturday we went to Twycross zoo. I rang ahead and asked if it was wheelchair friendly, and I was assured that yes, it was. Well, it was not. I am partly to blame as my question was inadequate. I SHOULD have said that I propel myself, I SHOULD have asked what was the pathway surface made of. I SHOULD have asked if they hired out mobility scooters.

So, I found that,

a, the pathways were loose gravel. This does not help when you are trying to propel yourself. And as The Good Man was pushing The Little Man, his hands were full.
b, they DO hire out scooters, but I wasn't aware of this until the next day.
c, I couldn't access the far side of the park where the elephants were, as I was too bloody knackered.

So, I learnt that,

a, be crystal about what is available to hire/rent people! I didn't see anything advertised. It is on the website, but I had to search for it. Bells and whistles wouldn't go amiss here….
b, I NEED to ask more thorough questions.

So, anyway, I got home thinking the day would have been so much better if I had a scooter. And not just at Twycross. My life would be better. I'd be able to access so much more….

……so, I bought a mobility scooter! I can't believe how desperate I am for it to arrive! It's teal, fits in the boot, and the world will be my oyster again! As long as I don't meet too many stairs or kerbs, that is.

So, that's it… I can't believe I've bought a scooter. I can't believe I'm excited! I can't believe I've waited soooooo long.

Next job….move house…...

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  1. Go girl...been considering that myself...we could have races!