Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tip for a conversation starter…..TOILETS OF THE WORLD.

It's the weekend and it's started well! First up, I got in and out of the shower by myself! I can't remember the last time I managed this, and it was GLORIOUS!! But after all that excitement I needed a little sleep. Hey ho…but I woke up to visiting friends, that we haven't seen for a year as they have been filling their boots by travelling THE WORLD!! It was fantastic to see them, and hear their stories of worldwide domination…....WELCOME HOME BREWLIA. And big thanks for the contraband Dr Pepper….
Whilst Brewlia was here, the talk turned to toilets of the world. Obviously. I appreciate a good toilet as much as the next desperate person, but now, due to my 'spacka' status, they have a new found rating element,  THEY MUST BE ACCESSIBLE. I'm not sure the holes that you squat over in India, would quite cut it…….

And today, another friend sent me beautiful video of the Cornish coastline where he lives. Anyone that knows me, knows that Cornwall has my heart. Anyway my Japanese friend….ARIGATOU!

Visit over, and family Saturday resumes with plans for a family weekend… it's lunch all round, and a sleep for the little man, a burst on the Batman game, writing my words, then out to a pub for pop n crisps.

Oh, but hang on……I've just seen the lunchtime tablets, that I haven't taken yet, but when I do, they'll knock me out. So, I need to rethink the weekend plans……The good man will be like a single parent AGAIN, as I have a slumber party for one. Apparently, I will get used to the tablets, and I can't wait for that to happen. I'm pretty miffed at sleeping my life away…..I don't appreciate missing out.

Tomorrow we have more family visiting, and one day next week we hope to visit my sister, who is home now, recuperating from having her appendix whipped out.

Anyhoo, I suppose what I'm trying to say, is that it is friends and family that shape us. Family is where you came from, for better or worse, and no choice taken……you get what you're given. Friends are all about choice, with a little luck thrown in…..
Well, on both counts, I feel pretty blessed.

You can read my travelling friend's blog here….

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