Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunny days......

It's Friday morning and the boys are out to play. When they left I was having 1:1 time, with my bed. But then, I managed to stir myself enough to leave my pit. I put washing on, sort the dishes, had breakfast, and other various bits of household management. As I'm crawling back into The Greatest Bed There Ever Was, I notice what looks like blotches of tomato sauce on my bedding. What? How? Why AND Who? But realising I'm dead on my feet, I decide I can live/sleep with it, and I add stripping the bed to my list of things to do in part two of my day.
And that's how I generally get through my day, when work or nursery comes calling for my other housemates/family members. Crushing loneliness is easier to handle, if the day is broken up into chewable, manageable pieces.

And now we are done and dusted with Saturday, a sunny day spent at no.3's house. An impromptu bar-b-cue was had, and plant buying, and planting plans made. But not without my now least favourite child saying, 'oh bless you mum, you've got to that age!' And this was because I knew the names of 3 plants, and suggested we go to a garden centre, so we can plant up a vacant border. And I pulled up a dead plant, and saved a crocosmia (?spelling) from being choked to death by bind weed. Ah now I write down, I can see she had a point....

And, as if I needed further confirmation that I've reached that age......OLD.....we get home to find a visitor. That is, a friend of no4's, who's now at uni, BUT I'VE KNOWN YOU SINCE YOU WERE 4!!
Still, I had it coming I suppose. I delivered a baby once, and said in my head but accidentally out loud, 'when this baby's my age, I'll be 72. A passing midwife heard me, and said, 'And I'll be dead.'

So yeah, fast forward to Sunday.....eleven people in our house, and one dog. Please don't tell the Good Man that I said he was right, we need not have tidied before people was not worth it! Still, all quiet now, order restored. Water fights over. Mountains of dishes done.

Anyhoo......back to old lady thinking......I seriously cannot wait to get the turf laid! And the border planted, and the patio laid! The house is done, and that will complete the garden. Job done.

And I can't wait!!

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