Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cold innit?❄️☃️🚙

I’ve been staring at a blank page for what seems like an eternity. What have I got to say? Well, plenty actually, but I was just stumbling over how to start, y’know? So first off, THE SNOW. Looks so pretty, but is actually a pain in the arse. I thought I’d go out in it, but actually didn’t get far from the back door. I got stuck in the smallest snow drift. Wheel spins aplenty. So my poorly planned excursion, stopped before it had begun and it took me, what seemed like an age, to turn round and come back in. Whilst I was stuck outside, it even started to snow again, proper big, slowly falling, plump flakes. Beautiful.
The Good Man and I, had planned to go out in my new car. MY car, as in mine, all mine. Bought to accommodate me and my chair = FREEDOM. Snow stopped play here too, temporarily. But it’ll keep. I may go out to play later this week with my friend and P.A. She’s golden, and helps me achieve normal everyday stuff. Like putting my socks on. I NEVER thought I’d find that impossible. But such is life. And also, the cold calls for extra blankets. However, feeble spaz that I am, this kind of pins me to the mattress. I think I need a fat tog duvet, and no additional blankets.
Right so research done on different tog ratings, and options on the fillings. Down may be considered a luxury, but no thanks. Have you seen how they get the feathers? Literally rip the feathers out of the alive, and vocally objecting duck/goose. You tube it. I can’t promise that you won’t feel sick or cry. So no thanks to that option. Some luxury for the poor bird. The feathers are allowed to regrow, then it starts all over again. Makes me feel a bit sick, and angry. I’d rather be cold. I am cold, but I have options that are humane, so I’ve opted for a non barbaric duvet, and it’s on its way. Hurrah, I shall be warm later this week.
Later this week.......Christmas tree buying!! And hopefully no pine needles in my immaculate car. Yes ok! I know I can forget that. It’s amazing that no matter how well you clean and hoover the car, you will get poked in the arse by a rogue pine needle that avoided the hoover. The poking in the arse, will occur post Christmas. In June.
So that’s me and my plans for this week.
Enjoy your week. 

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