Friday, December 8, 2017

Happy Friday! ❤️

Today has only gone and been a good day! I only went and bought myself a car!! Life was restricted and just a little bit too small b.c (before car) AND THEN, we had a really busy day.....between physio, and the girl calling in to introduce us to our new bit of kit (a standaid) and then a couple of more people, and well anyway, we only had time for a quick trip round the block, so our adventures will have to wait........but the weekend’s coming up, and we have my stepson for the weekend, and a Christmas tree to buy. And my youngest girl is back from uni for the weekend and we have friends coming over for pub grub and scuse me a minute, while I draw breath.

And the wrapping hasn’t started yet.........

So where to go in the car? Maybe a trip up norf to visit my sister, a trip down south to visit my brother. I really want to go and finally see daughter no1’s house, and then go and visit no.2 and see all the changes she has made to her new home.......may even go to Wales, to visit no.4, just because I can.
We haven’t had a car I can get into for MONTHS! So I plan to fill my boots with going out out visiting people and just stuff!

I see Trump is at it again....y’know.....being a Twat. Not that I’m surprised. After all, he’s just playing to his strengths. He’s playing a dangerous game, and one he can’t win without losing a lot of lives. And half/all of the world.

So maybe I should just get on, and seriously fill my boots before I get blown to pieces.

On that note...

Veselé vánoce
Vrolijk kerstfeest
God jul
Buon Natale
Frohe Weihnachten!
Feliz Natal
BMutlu Noeller
Buono Natale

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