Sunday, December 17, 2017

Secret Santa 2017

Back again! This really is the last post before Christmas!! As I’ve probably said, my family do Secret Santa, and we’re hosting this year. We have a group chat going and everybody is shouting about the different food they’re bringing.....leaving me with jacket spuds and chilli and operation TIDY UP!
Not that they care....just give me a minute.....

This afternoon we went to the Little Mans school for their Christmas fete. We were suitably robbed, and left with all sorts of goodies that we ‘need’ Oh well, it’s good to support the school.
And most importantly of all, tomorrow I get my catheter changed. Joy of joys. I must have had it done a few times by now, but buggered if I can remember. Still, I’ll take this as a good sign as I would surely I’d remember if it was horrid?

So this weekend has been chosen as THE weekend for the final CHRISTMAS present shop! I know what I want and where to go. Just the one shop, or maybe two actually, then a pit stop to Sainsbury’s. YES, I know that makes it three shops, but I know EXACTLY what I want. And The Good Man will keep me on task. That is if I don’t loose him. He has a habit of wandering off.....I know I’ll ask him to get sweets and stuff for the Piñata.Today included a discussion about where to hang it and what to hang it with. As our first piñata, we are novices to this. Can you tell?
It’s the night before secret santa and I’m in bed at 11.30pm. If it’s not done now it won’t be. Wishful thinking I’m afraid. But no, I’m afraid, as I’m ticking off mentally all the jobs that didn’t make the tick list. But it’s more positive to think of what we’ve achieved...1. We have a stuffed piñata! 2. We have a clean house thanks to the efforts of bunny No.3......3..More presents bought.........4..Secret Santa Christmas Challenge destroyed.....
It’s 11.30pm, and an almighty crash from upstairs........The Good Man, upon returning, complaining of knocking over a bookcase type thing, and confessing of waking The Little Man......
Oh YEAH YEAH BUT BUT BUT........nearly forgot to say...... I actually had a decent trip out in the car doing that little lot ⬆️ still dead chuffed with our purchase of OUR NEW CAR!! And to get out of our home for a while was brilliant!! But it’s always good to return though. Best of both n all that.

So I’d best get some beauty sleep, so I can be sparkling for our guests/family tomorrow. Dress chosen. Footware chosen. Additional chairs sorted and additional table sorted. Alarm set.

Whoo hoo! Let’s do this! Secret Santa....2017!!!

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