Sunday, April 28, 2013

50 shades of shyte. 

It would seem that there is too much rubble and crap for me to clear at present, so the gift is staying buried. 

I live in a house that does not work for me, which means that sometimes I can't get downstairs, let alone out into the world, amongst the living. 

It does not need to be this way, but the powers that be have decided they can't/won't help me. So this way it is. And I find myself in a world that is horrible. Horrible, stunted, restricted and so very limited, all because of this monster, that has taken up residence in my brain and spinal column. And very happy it seems to be, although I wish it would stop roaming at random, creating havoc. But still, at least one of us appears to be happy in our home. My home is like a prison. 

Please would someone help me clear the crap and rubble? 

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