Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Check me out with my new accessory....disgusting, isn't it? Why oh why the bright red strap? Why oh why is the piece of hard plastic up the back of my calf the colour of the nearly dead.....a sort of beige grey insipid blurgh. But it makes we walk a little better. It's another you win some, you lose some situation. At the moment the weather is quite nice. The weather that calls for cut offs, dresses and skirts. This ankle orthosis calls for trousers. And rather ridiculously its called a Dynamic Ankle Orthosis. I feel anything but dynamic with it on. I feel like a proper spaz. Especially when I team it with the crutches or wheelchair.

Don't get me wrong.... despite my dislike for the Dynamic Ankle Orthosis, it's fantastic when people that can help, do. And do it whilst treating you like a real person. It does aid my walking, and for this I am grateful. My dislike is purely and wholeheartedly because I need this at all. And because it's not plain black all over.


  1. Pretty shoes make up for it ;-) x

  2. Hi ,just found your blog on twitter . I have a couple of blogging friends who have MS I will tweet them a link to your blog. Funny how they make splints like that for children and they're bright and colourful and adults get a yucky colour. Get someone artistic to customise them for you. It's so good they help you with walking.