Friday, August 2, 2013

It's cooler! This brings me untold joy as ms does not like heat! Sun, yes, heat, no. A marriage made in hell. This is due to Uhthoff's syndrome, where a raise of 1/4 degree in core body temperature sees an exacerbation of your symptoms. And results in me being a limp mess. Like all my bones have dissolved. Beautiful. And I was panicking slightly that the IV steroids from last week hadn't done the job.

It wasn't always this way. Back in the day I would have been enjoying the sun, like most people do, with the odd 'oooohh it's hot init?' Icecreams, cool drinks and paddling pools, and every single towel you own in the garden, left there, grass stained and muddied, by yours and neighbouring children. Everything looks better in the sun. Even a big pile of dirty towels.

So as heat is no good for ms, is cold weather better? Errr, no. I find I have increased spasticity which sees me moving around like a peg doll. And pain steps up a gear too. Again, beautiful.

So these days where it's still sunny, but not too hot, and with a breeze that's fresh are my ideal. And so I plan to make hay while the sun tones it down a bit. I'm going out with wristband girl to get some birthday presents, whilst she gets in some driving practice. We may even take in a pub.....pop and crisps....WILD!

Which beats feeling like MS has made a goldilocks out of me...not too hot....not too cold. So I'm going to make the most of it, while it's just right.

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