Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My beautiful boy turns 1 this week, and this in turn has caused me to look back over the past year. It's been a mixed year of extreme opposites. On the one hand I have a boy that is always happy and smiling, and this reassures me, that despite my limited capabilities, I am doing something right. My girls have developed into people that are capable of making their own decisions, as they forge their way in the world. I have met some incredible people due to having MS. Like right now, my husband is out at football practice with twenty-one other volunteers , training for the celebrity game to raise money towards the downstairs bedroom and bathroom that I need. They are giving up their time and raising money for me........THANK YOU!

On the other hand, since early pregnancy, I have gone downhill physically and I have lost so much independence it's unreal, and this impacts upon my ability to be me. The real me. The busy, gyming, swimming, working, socialising, driving, walking, me. The me that I am now is still me, but I am a shadow of who I was. 

So anyway, to celebrate the day our boy began to make his three day exit, the good man planned a picnic, and so off we went..... 

This view is my doorstep. And it makes you feel good just sitting there, enjoying the view with the ones you love, having a picnic, and feeling the sun on your face. Sitting on a blanket in the great outdoors, I felt less of a spaz, and that's always a good and welcomed feeling. Especially as I'd just got over optic neuritis. This is an inflammation of the optic nerve, and it disturbs your vision, and made me feel sick with the pain and made me want stab myself in the eye with a screwdriver. 

So it was a fantastic thing to just sit and actually see that view.

You win some, you lose some, but me, my picnic blanket, the good man, our boy, the girls and their strides towards adulthood, and my eyesight are definitely winning.

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