Friday, August 30, 2013

This week has been interesting. Personally, historically, globally and nationally.

First off, personally, my boy turned 1, and this led me to indulge in some personal reflection.

Historically, it was also the 50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. Reflection here was also integral to the speech. What is the point of reflection if it's not to better your understanding? What's the point if you don't act on those lessons learnt? Dr King had clear vision of where he could see us going, and it was to the benefit of a nation, and not individuals within that nation. He had a point, he made it well, and sadly, for the most part, we missed that point. And this missing the point, has impacted globally. It's simple......treat others as you expect to be treated yourself.

And nationally, there was the incident where special needs kids on a trip with a performing arts school, were forced to sit on the floor of a train by the toilets, to 'spare' the other passengers from 'seeing the likes of them.' Just writing that makes me take a deep breath. And it makes me wonder, 'Just how far have we come from that speech of '63?' I know that speech was talking of the hope, and need, for racial equality. To me it transfers to ALL equality. It really is to everyone's benefit if we live with equality.

As it stands, at the moment, a person's race, a person's financial status, a person's physical ability or disability, even looks, seems to be a notable point worth mentioning. All men are created equal, after all. Are they really? Errr, no. Initially, yes, until the point of birth. And then humans create and maintain a divide, sectioning people, and putting them in boxes.

The only thing we really need to be concerned with is our level of kindness, honesty and fairness.

Having MS, I can honestly say that fairness and kindness is missing from the disabled box I find myself shoved into. I did not willing get in that box, but I am willingly getting out. I too have a dream, and it is that all of us act with kindness, fairness and honesty. And to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. To be any other way is to shit on your own doorstep, and that's just stupid.

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