Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yesterday was a good day, and what made it a good day were the people that filled it. It was a day of appointments and they were all with people that are helpful, that look for the possibilities rather than the problems, and they make those possibilities happen. But the gold star goes to the local fund raiser who came to see me to discuss him putting on a charity football match with TOWIE people to help raise funds for the adaptions I need. He has done this several times before for those in need of support. He was calmly discussing what we needed to do.....and meanwhile inside my head, it was going a bit crazy.....'Really? You'd really do that for me? Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!'

There was one fly in the ointment of yesterday though. My cd player died. Today I have realised in old lady stylee that this is ok, as all my music is on my laptop and phone, but yesterday it was the end of the WORLD!  Which is a bit of a daft reaction from me....I was, without doubt, the worst member on the music pub quiz team. So it's fair to say I don't live and breathe music, however, I would not want to live in a world without it. Sometimes a song really resonates and hits home, or reminds you of a time or person, or sometimes it just makes you smile LOADS and puts a little bounce in your day. Or makes you say 'Ugh....what IS this?' (Remember...I do live with teenagers....)

So I thought, from time to time, my blog would be accompanied by music....and here is my first choice......


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  1. What is your 1st choice? Can I recommend one of my favourite songs for a listen to ever? I will anyway.. I love brand new start from paul weller.