Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yesterday, after the rain had done it's thing, was a good day. All of my family were here, except for the good man, and we were able to get in the garden. I sat on the door step and watched as they messed about…..rides in the wheelbarrow, kicking a ball about and eating ice-cream.

The little man is a real outdoor boy, so to see him running around is just great, his fat little feet in sandals, and he thinks the soil in the plant pots is the best thing EVER. He even manages to get the soil in his nappy…..bath time needed tonight then.

The good man got back from work earlier than expected too, which was a BONUS.

Today is the complete opposite. I'm alone in the house. And it's odd.

One weekend. A game of two halves. Polar opposites. A bit like my life. The 'used to be' life v's 'how it is now' life.

And the silence is broken… phone call and one text within minute of each other alert me to four people descending any minute now. And so we begin a re run of yesterday.

So anyway, what I am trying to say is make the most of what you have, whilst you have it. I did not make the most of my mobility when I had it. Well, it's rather that I took it for granted. I suspect most people do. My advice is, don't.

Now please excuse me, as there's strawberries to look at, and one of my girls has a new boyfriend to introduce. And one girl is pulling rhubarb to make a crumble, and I need to give instructions if she hopes for an edible pudding.

P.s….The boyfriend, by the way, got the thumbs up from me.

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