Monday, May 9, 2016

Be your own hero/heroine.

Today has been one of those days. Y'know....the sort that drags......but then, suddenly, the hours pass, and you forget about being stuck in the shower, and having to make your escape by lassoing a foot. Which, by the way, you congratulate yourself for. 
The builders are still working their magic and beautiful magic it is too. Nearly nearly all done. 
It's really hot here, but I'm cocooned from the sun's glare, as I'm stuck in the shower and upstairs in my moderately insulated home. 
My husband returns from working outside all day with a glow that won't let him feel the benefit of being inside. My little man delivers an ice cream to me, and I'm suddenly struck by how grown up he looks. Which inspires me to get back to the task of thinking/inquiring about his 4th birthday. 
I'm finally feeling the benefit of the pain killers I took earlier, to lessen the feeling of my brain trying to escape through a temple. My left temple, you understand, and not a place of worship. Although, that does sound like a 1950's sci fri/horror film. I could be the heroine, in a twin set and pearls, clutching my face in a wide eyed horror. 
So, anyway, back in the real world, where I'm still the heroine of my own story, escaping one shower at a time. 
I will live to roll again!

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