Friday, May 20, 2016

Signs of life.

It's three o clock in the morning and despite tiredness that makes me feel like my eyeballs are burning, I can't seem to switch off. I feel like a kid at Christmas. I think what's keeping me awake, is the very real, long time coming, DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM AND BATHROOM!! I mean, AAAARRRRGGHHHHH!!! So bloody happy!! I can just about get myself down the stairs, so come moving day, I get to sit, watch, point, and make tea, provide snacks and keep little people entertained, and out the way, for fear of getting in the way of a man with a wardrobe. I haven't been able to get downstairs for a couple of days, and I'm assured, I wouldn't want to.....the washing machine, the tumble dryer, the cooker and the fridge freezer are all currently in the dining area......with a table, four chairs, a sofa and a sideboard/cupboardy/blackboard it's pretty cozy in there. But I MUST get downstairs this weekend!

Daughter no4 will inherit our room, and she's twitching like mad for us to get out, so she can get in. Shame then that I forgot to order 2 new beds.......I see a desperate run to IKEA in my very near future......I need to remedy the problem. And hope mini diam bars have the power of forgiveness in their thick chocolate coating.....?? Lift anyone? Preferably in a large vehicle?? Sod it, no I'm getting it delivered. It's £35 but we'd probably spend that on diam bars, biscuits and other random crap, that I would convince myself would be really quite handy, and fuel for god knows how many cars, that we'd still probably struggle to get everything in. We would become that family, that you always see in the car park, trying to get everything in a too small car for the task. And then sitting, squashed, for the journey home, with a bed frame balancing on your head. I mean, you never see, a person EVER leave IKEA with one, ONE, of their paper bags full of stuff, do you? I think all that MDF must go to your head....

Now it's gone four, and the bloody chickens up the road are awake. And they really don't see why they should be the only ones up. They sound like they're doing their best to wake everyone in a two mile radius. And now the garden birds* are joining in. It's still dark, so ssshhhh please. You sound lovely and all that, but really?? Shut. Up.

They're still going for it now, although as it's nearly lunchtime, they're having to compete with traffic and people noise. Still managing to make themselves heard though. Small, but mighty.

The kitchen and bedroom floor is getting finished today, so thankfully we will hopefully get things back in their normal place later. Right then, lazy moo here, needs a shower, and to get dressed. First things first though....I need a bit more sleep. UGH....... I could sleep my life away. In fact, I think I am sleeping it away. Fatigue really does take the piss. No matter how much I sleep, I'm still tired. Always tired. I'm hoping that a bit more sleep will help to extinguish day two of my flaming eyeballs. And maybe, now I no longer have to climb a mountain to go upstairs to bed, I will have a little more energy. I used to go a bit nuts at my girls, if they ever had a red bull, you know, that sickly syrup energy drink, but now I'm thinking, maybe I should get some. Maybe not. I don't need to give the girls any reason to turn the tables back on me!
They would LOVE that though. Should I deny them the joy of bollocking me? With regards to energy drinks, YES. And anyway, they have enough to be going on with.........artwork, framed photos, books, drums,  guitar, flutes, more books and oh, that does sound quite a bit. Never mind. I LOVE everything! I think the girls just dread sifting through everything, when we're dead. But you know what? One of my girls was really quite insistent on me having a clear out, then she said she'd come round and have some of the stuff that I was clearing out! Y'what now? You want some of my stuff? But you said it was crap!

Bugger off darling. I prefer to think of my 'crap' as signs of life.

*I have a brilliant book.....Our Garden Birds by Matt Sewell. 


  1. So happy for you - finally, finally getting what you've needed for so long. Enjoy every minute! Xxxx

    1. I plan to Linda! Tea and cake sometime?😉Big loveXx