Sunday, May 15, 2016

In the thick of it.......

Due to a family get together yesterday, I now have a sunburnt face. I thought, and hoped, that it would look better after a nights sleep. But no. As I still look shiny and red, less so, but still.
So, back to yesterday. I made it my job to stress myself out, by doing a head count over and over. The fact that I was counting the heads of the  family males aged 3 to 39, was not lost on me. The ladies, from babies to me, always knew where they were, and they remained in a pack. Except from me. I was always on the edge, counting heads. That last sentence makes me sound like a crazed serial killer, and whilst a family outing can drive you to madness, I've always managed to reign in my inner psycho. 

We went to the cafe whilst we were there, and had one of the big tables that overlooked a huge lake. There was a shop with a dangerous combination of beautiful, breakable items, and things that kids go nuts for. You could also buy duck food, so we did. This was another time where I was watching from a distance, as a high concrete sleeper prevented me from joining my family at the waters edge. So it's lucky that I'm happy to be watching. But, to be honest, I didn't really expect to be excluded at a family park. Because if I can't do it, pushchairs can't either. Anyway......back to the park we go. It's quieter now, so my job of head counting is easier. We split up to go to our respective homes, via different jobs to be done. For us.....shoe buying. Joy of bloody joys. We tried on an incredible amount of shoes, including some Star Wars efforts in 3 sizes too big. But this did provide the 6 year old a chance to exercise his ability at verbal persuasion. And me the chance to exercise my ability to deliver a firm, don't mess with me, yes I know they're your favourite, but they don't fit so NO. 

The excitement of yesterday has of course meant that I need to run command centre from my pit, as I'm good for nothing today. Except bedtime stories that is. I really can't wait to move into my bedroom downstairs. No matter how bad I get, I'll still be in the thick of family life, and that has its own healing powers. 

There's only a week to go until that win win situation.

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