Friday, May 13, 2016

Nearly there!!

I really thought I was done with getting new symptoms, but no. This morning I woke up to my left hand feeling like a fizzy glass of coke or appletiser......whichever floats your boat, but do you get what I mean? Feeling like it's fizzing. As symptoms go this is not the worst......quite pleasant actually.

So last night I met up with a friend that I've known since before MS. She treats me the same as she's always done, which I know is hard for people to do. Because I'm not the same PHYSICALLY, but MENTALLY, I am. And the physical can be all people see, and so they take their lead from that, which is ok. But it's not ok to forget the person that I am. Everybody changes, and we generally roll with the punches that that delivers. Hard, I know, but just don't forget who I am. I am not my wheelchair. Don't let that be all you see. Especially as last night with my friend who led to a bit of internet shopping, and I have a bit, my first ever bit, of Bobbi Brown coming my way. So please notice my slightly rosy cheeks, and kissable lips. Although the lips remain for The Good Man ONLY!!

So, extension update.....the bathroom is done! The bedroom just needs the flooring, which will be done next week. So next weekend is the moving in and I can't wait!! I pity the girls boyfriends as they've been roped in to help. The garden is another story. It's been a building site for a couple of months, and when it's been cleared, I think it'll need a bit of love. That's where my green fingered sister comes in handy. There's a big concrete sectional shed to get rid off. Despite it's usefulness, it's got to go, as it's hideous. Garages and sheds attract crap that really should be binned. Ask the green fingered sister, who has a double garage full with her husband's 'treasure.'

In other news.........I have a private appointment with a neurologist to see if I can be referred to Kings hospital for HSCT. This treatment can stabilise your disease progression, and in some cases, it reverses the disease. Some people have wheeled themselves in, and 3 weeks later have walked out. A bit wobbly, and sometimes with a stick or crutch, but still, WALKING! If there's one thing I miss, it's walking.

The world is set up for walking people. From putting a step or two here, and displaying things high and too close together for me to reach or negotiate, ARRRRGGGHHH! I can't stand up unaided let alone walk. So yeah, I miss walking.

So the extension is very nearly done, and I will be able to exit and enter the house ON MY OWN!!!! Did I already say that? If so, apologies, but I'm so bloody excited!!!

I'll love you and leave you, as I have my own crap to sort out, and I'm not bunging it in the delightful shed. I will, however, make use of the skip in the front garden. An equally delightful feature as the shed, but I'll make use of it before it goes. Thinking about it, the skip's presence indicates that there's more work to be done, so when it leaves, carrying some of my crap, it'll be because we are done! And I can't wait for that moment!

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