Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A festive list......

It's Friday, and weekend plans are looming........and wishing to carry out those plans, means I have to ignore the monster that is MS, always looming large in my life, whilst biting my back and snapping at my heels. I wish I could give it the slip, and it give me a break.
The two boys are bathed and ready for a story and then bed. Chrissie Hynde is doing her best to put some festive cheer into a song, and failing, as I tip myself into bed.

Weekend plan #1= pub lunch with friends. The festive lunch was ignored by each and every one of us, as we ordered pizzas. Three of us complained about being fatty fat fats, and then ordered pudding. One of us is a barely there person, so she can eat all the pudding she likes. Annoyingly.

Tomorrow the Christmas tree is going up. Apparently, it's already been bought, and is on the drive. The boys are dead excited about decorating the tree. The Good Man, less so, as he'll be scrabbling about in the loft for the decorations before we can start. Then it's over to daughter number threes for a Christmas meet up with my ex husbands family. I haven't seen them in ages. So long in fact, they haven't seen me in a wheelchair. So, that'll be odd. From my side, and theirs. Did you know that only about 8% of people with MS use a wheelchair? That's not a minority to envy.  Well, saying/typing that.......I hate being in a wheelchair, but I love what it enables me to do. And bingo wings will not develop whilst I'm self propelling. Every cloud n all that........

And then the Slightly Bigger Little Man goes home. But he is with us for four days over Christmas And The Little Man begins the wind down at school. So I'd better get on and help him do his cards. Another job for tomorrow.

Christmas CD back on.
Decorate tree.
Write the Little Man's cards.
Watch The Snowman.
See people.
Eat some quality crap.

So now it's Tuesday. Apart from The Snowman the list is sorted. I've also had a cut and colour, so at least my hair looks healthy, even if my face doesn't. Anyhoo, I doubt I'll write before Christmas, so Merry Christmas to you all! Xx

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