Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Maggots and faggots.

For the last few days I've been feeling awful. So awful I can't really explain how I feel. But today, on more than one occasion, I managed to stop my husband in his tracks.......he then said the beautiful words that all girls long to hear......'Babe? You look wrecked.' And I swear that my eyes are working independently of each other. So this makes me feel heavenly......especially as I am also changing from one set of pjs into another clean, fresh pair. Clean and fresh I am not, but at least my pyjamas are. My hair has also formed a matted ball at the back of my head. And can I find my hairbrush? No. That's enough of me and my beauty tips......

Tomorrow I am planning on sorting the last bit of Christmas shopping. The Good Man is tricky....all his heart desires is a fire pit. And Amazon vouchers.......I think he doesn't trust my present buying. Voucher buying, the most romantic of gifts....for my one true love, is not happening. Fire pit it is then. And all my heart desires is a silver bangle I've seen. And yes, we both seem to have reached that age where we don't need ANYTHING. We are bloody lucky. Maybe I should ask for a hairbrush? The one I've lost is bright pink too, HOW has that gone missing?

The Little Man is gearing up for his schools nativity play thing. There are two performances, and he is starring as a shepherd. A non speaking part, but I bet he'll be the best shepherd I've ever seen.
Then his big brother is here for the weekend, and I think we'll get the tree. The boys will decorate it, and when they're in bed, I'll redo it, to space the decorations out. Otherwise the lower branches will be heavy with baubles, and bare upper branches.

A few people have been ringing/texting to see when we are about for a meet up. And people are what make or break a good time......Christmas or not. I found my Christmas CD......it was presumed lost until the other day. So I'll but that on and sing about scumbags maggots and cheap lousy faggots, and crack open the Baileys. Joyeux Noel!

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