Thursday, December 22, 2016

Eat your weight in mince pies......

Well, today was non stop excitement. As we were meeting friends at a pub, we bundled ourselves into coats and the car. Transferring from the wheelchair to the car is a bit of a mission, as my legs seem to be giving up on the only job description they have, and are required to the bulk of my body as I stand for literally 5 seconds to twist and drop onto the car seat.

I've got this returner thing from physio people. It has a base I stand on, then I pull myself upright to standing. Which I can do, and Jesus wept! It feels so good to be standing up, and this never surprises me. Although, when I first started using it, The Little Man was surprised,
'Mummy!!? You're standing??' And as I haven't been a standing Mummy since he was tiny, it would have been a surprise. I laughed and said, 'Yes! Yes I am!' Honestly? My voice was a happy voice, and I was happy, but I could've cried, both sad and happy tears. I need to be using it to help strengthen my thighs.

So anyway back to the pub and meeting the friends that didn't turn up...we got the wrong's tomorrow. So back we'll go, it's a superb pub, so no hardship. Except to our waist lines as the food is quite spectacular. Still, it is Christmas, and we all are expected to eat the equivalent of our body weight in festive food. AKA pizza. See my Festive List blogpost....

So now it's the next day and meeting friends take 2. So far, I'm still in my pit with burning eyeballs. BUT, I have thought about what to wear, done a Facebook quiz had breakfast AND my advent chocolate. I just can't shift. Physically and mentally. Oh and I just remembered physio is here in a min....slight panic! Hopefully that will wake me up and I'm sure she won't care about seeing me in my pjs.

Twenty minutes later and physio done, so it's time to get ready and head out for a more successful meet up with friends. The pub was a lot busier today, so we squeezed round a table, and exchanged our gifts. No matter how long we talk for, there's always more to say and things forgotten to say.

My husband has taken it upon himself, to be the seasonal hunter/gatherer. Right now he can be found stalking his prey in Sainsbury's. And I can be relied upon to tackle a non stop avalanche of pine neddles. The tree is not near a radiator, and it's watered daily, but still continues to shed almighty amounts of fecking pin needles. I just found one on my pillow! WTF??

A friend that I've know for AGES was coming over tomorrow, but the poor girl has Norovirus. I had that a few years ago now, but I still shudder at the thought. I felt as though I was left an inside out shell of a person. And so attractive. The joy of winter bugs.

On that note, I'll love you and leave you.

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