Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The celebrations continue......

So. That's it then. Christmas is done! All that remains are cold chunks of beef, crackers and what seems to be, a cheese shop in my fridge. We are all happily living off festive leftovers. I can hear the Good Man crunching his way through doritoes. Our normal three meals a day with shit loads of fruit diet, has gone out the window, and been replaced by a dead slack cavalier approach. Cake for breakfast? Why not? I convince myself that this is good, in a waste not want not stylee. The Little Man wants jelly, and I fancy a trifle.....not with sherry in mind you. Call me unsophisticated. But I am not a fan of alcohol in food. Alcohol in a glass. Food on a plate. And I don't think I'll ever have an appreciation for sherry, as it's disgusting.

As I was saying......Christmas is done. But what isn't done, is my birthday. My yearly celebration is wedged between Christmas and The New year. Some people loathe having their birthday so close to Christmas, but not me. I quite like it. We have people coming and going throughout the day and I'm really looking forward to it! Just don't enquire about my age. Ok?

Today is one of those days when I just can't get going. I'm still in my pit, with a hot chocolate and Badger stretched out behind me. I'm sure I'm the envy of most working people, with my lie ins and pj wearing lazy days. Although I'm sure no one envies the brain disease part of me. Zombies would not want my manky brain. But it's because of my manky brain that I've been able to afford the time to have the little man, and stay home with him. To be the one who's always here, not dashing about trying to do several things at once.

I remember an ms friend of mine that used to tell me to look for the gift. At the time I was still driving, swimming, yoga ing, body balancing and high heel wearing, and I couldn't see any gifts. I had relapsing remitting MS, and life for the most part was uninterrupted. I had blips where ms would rise up and bite me on the arse. And then, bit by bit, the life I had, that I thought made me ME, was eroded. First to go was the heels. No bother as I love converse too. And then the rest got chipped away, bit by bit. And I could only seem to think of myself in terms of 'I used to....' Well, that's like beating yourself over the head with a shitty stick. It took me a while to realise, that I'll always have the 'used to' part of me. That I could set it to one side, as I went about developing the new me. It took a while, but I'm now ok with how I am. Don't get me wrong, I do have the odd shit fit about it. I'm not a saint. But life is good. There are things I have ms to thank for......

And I never thought l'd say that. 

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