Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's 11pm here, and all is quiet. The Good Man took The Little Man to his school friends today, to help him decorate their Christmas tree. Unfortunately I couldn't go, as MS was being a bell end. I like to get a real tree, about a week before Christmas. And then two weeks is enough for me, to have a tree in my lounge. Having a tree in your house = lovely, but it's a bit odd, if you think about it. I like the minimal approach to Christmas decorations.....less is more n all that. And tinsel gets a big fat no from me. This may change over time, that is if the little man has his way.......he is taking a firm view, that a pink tree is the way to go. Pink trees are not prolific in nature, and seeing that the pink trees are made of's not happening. In fact, my hands feel a little sweaty at the thought..... So a compromise......The Little Man having a mini mini pink tree in his bedroom. And I'm getting some pale pink baubles for the real tree. And d'you know what? I'm getting a bit excited now......I wrap lights and fat fake ivy around the banisters, have a willow twig reindeer outside by the front door, put stockings up, (not mine) and I'm done. Then Christmas Eve sees Santa leave snowy footprints up the statues, to leave treats outside bedroom doors. Again, it's a bit weird to have a strange man go in your bedroom, my girls didn't like to think of a strange man creeping in to their bedroom. And to be honest I saw their point. So I would make up gift bags of sweets, and a mini can of drink, to leave outside their bedroom door. And yes, Santa and Rudolph were thanked with a carrot and a mince pie.

I just have The Good Man and my niece to get for, then I'm done present wise. Anyhoo, that's enough Christmas chit chat. Actually, no it's not. The wrapping extravaganser (? spelling??) will take a bit of time. I don't mind this actually, in fact I quite enjoy it! Back during my first marriage, I'd go and wrap all of my husbands presents. One year they bought me the sellotape dispenser that you wore on the back of your hand. It was the first time I'd ever used one and it was bloody marvellous! Thank you Betty. Thank you Tom! (Blowing a kiss heavenwards).

One of my girls is having a get together with her Dads family, and she has asked me to go. They were my family once upon a time too, and it would be nice to go and see everyone. They'll be seeing the new improved (?) wheelchair me, and whilst they won't give a shit, I will. And I won't too. BUT, I am having my hair done the day shiny new hair will hopefully dazzle them.

All my girls will be there too (I think) and so will my grandson and my granddaughter. Fuck! Just typing that makes me feel antiquated. But they're beautiful, and cheeky, so that helps. Right! So tomorrow, we need to gather our decorations, and remind ourselves of what we have. Oooh, I think I'll put a little tree by the front door too. My minimalist decorating takes planning you know ;)

Speak soon Xx

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