Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disappointed. I feel disappointed. And cheated.

My life was not meant to be like this.

Generally, we have a vision of how we'd like things to go, and what we have to do to make these plans and dreams happen. We learn quite early on, that nothing is set in stone, and that changes may happen.

I hoped I would be a midwife.

I hoped I would have the strength to leave The Bad Man.

But I never thought to hope for the everlasting ability to walk independently.

Check, check, FAIL.

And this is what pains me. I can cope with the wide range of delights that MS delivers. Pain. Fatigue. Numbness. Intermittent losing of fine motor skills..........A challenge for you dear reader, so you get what I mean........try doing up you bra/top/jeans/laces or writing whilst wearing oven gloves.
I can cope with all that. There are ways, and adjustments I can make to make these things do-able.

But not walking independently? THAT I can't handle.

Last time I talked about what I miss. Well here's another.

I miss walking with The Good Man whilst holding his hand.