Wednesday, April 10, 2013

People surprise me. In ways that are both bad, more about that later, and good.

By good, I mean out of this world.......listen to this. In the last few weeks, fund raising has been the name of the game. My girls have led the way on this. And people have been making themselves known. And this is because they recognise the situation we find ourselves in, because they have been in similar, and understanding how hard it is, they wish to help. Or just because they can help, in ways practical, and this is sometimes in ways we can't help ourselves. Offers of help have been coming out of the woodwork, and sometimes from people I don't even know, and I can't thank them enough. Really. I really can't thank them enough. And hopefully, because of their generosity and kindness, I may get a bit of my life back. I am very much aware that I'm on my own with MS, and what it's doing to me, but I no longer feel alone.

And that is priceless.

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