Saturday, April 6, 2013

George Osborne......word of advice......DO NOT enter a popularity contest. You won't fair well. The reason for this is three fold,

1, Saying that you could live on £53 a week. And yet making no move to prove it. Ideally, and realistically, this would need to be for more than a week. Anyone can wing it or go without for a week. It all changes when paying your rent/mortgage, bills, buying food, looking after, and providing for children, and just LIVING comes into play. I, and many others would dearly love to see you try. And whilst maintaining a sense of self respect and worth at all times, even though you can't afford to get your suit dry cleaned for an interview. Nappies or milk.....I would LOVE to see you faced with THAT choice. Where's your sense of self worth now?

2, Being photographed parked in a disabled bay. Do you have a blue badge George? No? Thought not. Apparently, he does not condone this, according to a source, and stated in the Guardian. BUT YOU STILL DID IT/ALLOWED IT, DIDN'T YOU GEORGE?

3, Using the deaths of the Philpot children, and using it to highlight the need for a welfare reform. Rich, or on benefits, Philpot would be a controlling, manipulative dangerous man. I would say, that's not a man to use as a basis for ANYTHING.

All this from the man who wants to make things fairer. Fairer is good George. But you are not the person for that job. AND incidentally, you would not be able to afford the Land Rover cited in 2, whilst you were on the benefits of 1. Shanks's pony for you George. At least you would be the only person offended by that.

George, you are clueless, and out of touch and lack common sense. Ever thought of being a politician??

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  1. Love this piece Ellie! You are absolutely right, the guy may as well be living on another planet for all he seems to know about the real world! I've no time at all for this lot and I'm glad I didn't vote for them. how much longer are we stuck with them for? How long til the next fiasco -- er sorry, I mean General Election?