Saturday, April 27, 2013

I have lost many things because of MS, but I have also gained.

I gained the courage, eventually, to quietly say to myself, 'No more.'

Because of MS, I met my husband.

Because of MS, I have time. And I get to spend it with the people that count. I'm getting better at telling who those people are. Drains or radiators. Remember?

Because of MS, I'm learning to say no. Not always easy, but easier.

Because of MS, I had the freedom to choose to have a baby. And because of the time I can give him, he's happy, interested and sociable. A bonus to complete our family, who's happily playing with a mini bread board next to me right now.

Because of MS I appreciate the little things.
Me, "Thank you so much for cleaning the bathroom/bringing the bins in/hanging the washing out/sorting out the bio hazard that is your room/etc"
Teenager, "S'alright. God, don't cry about it!"
Although that said, this is still a work in process...
The Good Man, 'Did you just walk down the stairs, navigating the bin at the top? Bring it down with you next time please, instead of stepping over it/round it, and empty it.'
Teenager, 'Ugh. I didn't see it.'

So anyway, let us not forget, MS is an unreasonable, life stealing arsehole, that is hard to live with. I have to get on and live, despite it. BUT you've got to look for the gift amongst all that, despite how buried that gift may be. It will be there. Clear the rubble and crap from your life, and there it will be. Seek, and you will find.
And I guess this is a trick we'd all best learn. Sometimes in life, MS or not, things go wrong, and sometimes in a spectacular stylee. But I think it mostly works out ok. If you just let it.

And that's something I have to remind myself of.

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  1. Gifts are there, and you're right, they are sometimes so deeply buried, but they are there all the same. Lorraine, you are a remarkable woman! x x x