Sunday, August 14, 2016

Can't stop the feeling.......

Thanks to Badger dog, my lounge window is now clean, as I had to clean his dog snot off it. Nice. To be fair to him, he does a stirling job protecting us all from the neighbourhood cats. A dodgy start to what promises to be a great weekend. Especially if you also include a six hour trip to the Lake District. The traffic was CRAZY! But anyway, we're here now at centre parcs, and it's lush. Things that have been adapted or made disabled friendly can often look a bit 'budget' with it often screaming in your face. It's like all the design effort has been used up, and there's only the scrag ends left, that no one else wants. But not here. I would happily live here. It's just so easy. Open plan and hard floors make it so easy to get around. For both me and The Little Man, who's taken to riding his scooter around indoors.

Anyway, the reason for our trip, was because of a family wedding. I love big family gatherings.......having everyone all in one place is just fantastic. My family alone measures 8 plus 3 of the girls boyfriends (which includes 1 fiancé, 1 co-habiter and 1 university, rarely here, travelling boy.)

Secret plans and clever tricks (thanks Mr Dahl) were carried out by all the guests, to surprise the bride and groom with a flash mob dance. I gave it my best shot, but really, being in a wheelchair meant I was just waving my arms around with the odd clap. The music was Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop The Feeling and will forever more be burnt into my brain. I'll probably be found aged 80, still waving my arms around, whenever I'm in a the supermarket, in a hospital, at an airport.
Congratulations to my sister for organising us all. It really was awesome!

I think my soul is carrying around two buckets. One bucket is where I get to dump all the crap and unhappy feelings. The other bucket is for all the good and happy stuff. Throughout yesterday, my happy bucket received a serious amount of the good stuff. Today I'm feeling a bit broken. But there's bad broken and happy broken. It's definitely the latter. I just need a sleep, and that will reset me.

Before I go, I'll just say.....
Lauren and Tom, An excellent start to married life, and I hope it continues to be excellent, now and always! Big love to you both! Xx

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