Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Summer has arrived!! I'm hoping it sticks around for more than a day......but as this is England........
Right! That's enough weather chit chat.

In other boy turns four this weekend! And then starts school a week later. Apparently, there is a glut of August babies starting school this year. He is so ready for know the signs......pushing all the boundaries, acting invincible, ignoring the rules of the house, y know, like NO HITTING. Including hitting the dog.......'he WILL bite you, and it'll be your fault for hurting him!' Actually, Badger would UNLIKELY (never say never) bite, but don't tell the little man that. Badger prefers to retreat out of the way. Usually to my bed, or down the side of my bed.

So, today The Good Man's uncle arrived to stay for five days. He is a lovely man, with his south London accent, and garden knowledge. There are plenty of little excursions we can take him on around here, mostly revolving around walks and tea rooms, I realised today.....he'll be driving home feeling a bit fatter.

We have people popping in over the weekend, and a little party Saturday lunchtime. Thing is, when you have a big family, like I do, a get together with EVERYONE, is almost impossible. Everybody being free at the same time? Well, it just doesn't happen. The little man's best friends will be here, and luckily all the boys will kind of entertain themselves. With help from a football, scooters and water pistols. Dread to think what they will look like, come home time. Maybe we'll just pop to the park with ice creams. Yeah, that sounds more civilised.

I'll let you know how it goes, how many days we have an open house for, for different people to drop in.

Ugh! I'm back again, unable to sleep. Getting dive bombed by some bug that got stuck in my hair didn't help. I've done a bit of Internet browsing, and I can say, the fashion world has gone a bit nuts. Looking at bikinis, the briefs are either so tiny, that you better not have pubic hair. OR, the briefs are anything but, and you could get a full on 70's bush in them. And what's with all the 'caged' footwear, with heels of every height? And you can even get tassels on them. I'm sticking to flip flops and converse.

Night. See you tomorrow. Xx

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