Monday, August 29, 2016

Party number 2......

Yesterday I got the opportunity to sit and think how my life was working out. The fact that the opportunity had come about, because I had slid down to the floor, whilst attempting to transfer from my wheelchair to the bed, was not forgotten, and I awarded myself a fat thumbs down. I love my home, but sitting/lying on the floor really wasn't the way to appreciate it. Two hours later, I'm off the floor, and in bed, which has superior comfort levels to being on the floor.

Yesterday, we also had the little man's very best friend, and his brother and parents call in. The best friend renamed our dog.......Badger to Kennybadger. Ok, fair enough. Believe it or not, Kennybadger becomes quite catchy........

Tomorrow, actually today (it's 3 am)is the little man's birthday. And party number 2. It's a family one tomorrow, as 3 out of 4 sisters couldn't make party number 1. So, they'll be here, along with my mum, bearing chocolate cake. He has chocolate cereal and chocolate milkshake to start the day. So I think that throughout the day,  brushing his teeth will also be a feature of his birthday.

Later that same day (9am) and all the presents have been opened and assembled. My handsome hero husband, and his even more handsome side kick, have gone to get my wheelchair wheel fixed, and to get some icecream. Whilst they're doing that, my plan was to have a shower and get ready, but as I need my wheelchair to do that, I'm back in bed, duvet over my head, and signing out for a couple of hours.

I just hope I don't need the loo.

Enjoy the bank holiday, English peeps, and everyone else, enjoy your Monday.


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