Friday, August 19, 2016

Still paying for it.......

Ok, so it's late Wednesday as I write this, and that's four whole days after the wedding. I know I said in my last blog that there's both bad and good knackered, and whilst this started out as good knackered, it's morphed into bad. There's only so much I can take of feeling floored/flawed (take your pick.......both words work for me). And to really rub rock salt hard into the wounds, we had friends round tonight. Tonight's knackeredness comes courtesy of a shower I had before our friends arrived. I should have forgotten about having a shower, and greeted them with matted hair and a pungent aroma, and been the happy hostess. But no. I was in bed. Put there physically by the good man. I love my bed, and my whole bedroom, thank heavens, as we spend so much time together. But my love for my bedroom, and everything in it, may come under threat, if we spend too much time together.
Still, I'm going out tomorrow WHOOP WHOOP!! To wheelchair services. Oh :( Not exactly a thrilling trip. But saying that, I'm forever grateful that services like this exist. Well, saying that, where I used to live, this service was severely lacking. The woman that phoned me from there, sounded pissed off from the start. I think she may have been playing Spastic Top Trumps with her colleagues, and when I said I could sit up unaided, I think she lost her card to a rival. I did remind her that I couldn't walk and that was the reason for my need for a wheelchair. Anyway, she gave me an appointment MONTHS away, and in that time I'd sourced a wheelchair supplier, visited them, put in my order, waited for it to be made, went and collected it. MONTHS before my appointment with them. So yeah, this area wins hands down AGAIN!
Damn it! Handsome hero husband said it's next week we go to wheelchair I've gone from feeling a bit grumpy, that I don't get to go out much, except for medical stuff, to NOOOOOOOO!! Not another week! Well, that confusion has got me looking forward to it at least!

My friend is here tomorrow. Glad I don't have to cancel on her, due to ⬆️. The question is.......what shall we do? And where shall we go?! Turns out we just chatted and drank tea......

It's Friday now, and it is pouring down! As a wheelchair user, this is BAD NEWS, on several fronts...

1. As both hands are busy propelling myself, I can't hold a brolly.

2. The metal bit on the wheels that I propel myself by, is also wet, and dead slippy.

3. My lap gets SOAKED!

So yeah, rain and wheelchairs do not go together at all well. I also received some flip flops in the post today, and they also don't go with the weather either. But they, and converse, continue to be my footwear of choice, whatever the weather, until winter hits. They last for YEARS! Especially when you don't do any walking in them!

Right. I'm going now, as I've turned into the most boring person, chatting about the weather. 

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